Strategic Growth Plan, Bond Accountability

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CCC Proposition 1D

Proposition 1D provides CCC with $1.507 Billion over a two year period to fund construction and renovation of its facilities to address enrollment, growth, seismic, life safety needs, and renewal of outdated infrastructure.
Project Information
State Bonds - Community Colleges Summary Data
Total Bond Amount Committed Balance
Proposition 1D $1,507,000,000   $1,507,000,000
State Wide Cost   $961,574 $1,506,038,426
Bond Administration Cost   $6,170,000 $1,499,868,426
Projects   $1,489,244,000 $10,624,426
  Growth Related   $940,658,000  
(Expand Instruction, Support Instruction, Support Other, and Expand Institution)  
  Modernization Related   $298,366,000  
(Modernize Instruction, Modernize Institution)  
  Fire, Life-Safety, and Seismic Related   $250,220,000  
  (Life-safety, Equipment, Seismic, Infrastructure)  
TOTAL $1,507,000,000 $1,496,375,574.00 $10,624,426